About Me

My name is Tucker Sylvia.

I finished my masters degree at the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography in December, 2017. I primarily studied subduction zone geodynamics using analogue laboratory models and computer vision with Chris Kincaid. This lab group continues to do all sorts of fluid dynamical research ranging from mantle convection to shellfish larval transport in Narragansett Bay using integrated data and modeling methods.

What you will find here

This is a pretty back burner project for me so please be patient with the perpetual and slow construction progress. This will be my second personal website, the first being another freely hosted deal from middle school. This site is hosted on GitHub Pages for free using the Ruby based Jekyll SSG. I was looking into Python SSG’s because I live in Python land but this has actually turned into a really great setup.

I plan to use this site to record all sorts of things such as general blog posts, code projects, household hacks, car maintenance, and any other info that I have spent enough effort compiling that I feel is worth documenting and sharing. Additionally I eventually plan to create a page for my research and publications etc. Also a photo gallery would be pretty neat, we’ll see how far I get. I also want to have a repository of Jupyter / IPython notebooks that I have created over the years. I intend to showcase solutions to problems I have had to solve and research enough to warrant writing it all down.

Hopefully you find whatever droids you were looking for and this information proves useful.